Open Early February!

I am pleased to announce that the Espresso JOYA painting gallery and gourmet coffee bar will open in the first half of February 2015! The premier art exhibition will feature the figurative work of Duncan Weller, an internationally renowned and incredibly talented local artist. Duncan’s figures bring the space to life, and it is with great anticipation that we await the opening of his show!

Espresso JOYA could not exist without the many partnerships with local businesses which have been formed over the last year. Pine Tree Catering will provide fabulous, filling sandwiches. Sandpiper Cakes, will provide the most delicious desserts available in Thunder Bay. Local potter Donna Stecky is working night and day to prepare custom cups and mugs, and Will Repath is masterfully crafting an audio system which will bring the shop’s acoustics to life. LSL Contracting is creating the interior space in record-breaking time, and Global Hydration has researched and designed a highly sophisticated water filtration system which will help to ensure that each shot of espresso lives up to our high expectations.

As always at Espresso JOYA we work diligently to ensure that the coffee is at the peak of perfection. With beans carefully prepared by the masterful hands of Jamie Nichols of Rose N’ Crantz Roasting Company, Espresso JOYA will deliver only the most flavourful coffee experience possible. “Coffee should taste like the smell of the freshly ground beans”, says one highly respected guru in espresso production. At Espresso JOYA, this is our mission.

Make Espresso JOYA your first stop for gourmet coffee, delicious sandwiches, and exquisite desserts. Saturate your senses with beautiful figurative paintings and drawings by Duncan Weller. Join us in taking part in downtown Port Arthur’s cultural awakening!

For official opening date information, check back often, and watch for our new ad in February’s issue of The Walleye Magazine!

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Come on out to the Kakabeka Farmer’s Market!

Each Saturday from 10am to 1pm, the Kakabeka Farmer’s Market is in operation at the Legion hall. Here you’ll find all manner of country-market goods from fresh harvest vegetables, finely crafted woodworking products, and of course Espresso JOYA’s awesome coffee!


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Espresso JOYA specializes in the finest of espresso-based coffee. We are a mobile coffee-vending team with full portability!

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Your first stop for gourmet coffee, exquisite local artwork, delicious ready-to-go snacks and sumptuous desserts!